Towing Services

Towing a paddelwheeler.

We provide emergency services, marine towing, ungrounding, fuel and parts delivery for both BoatU.S. members and non-members alike. More Info
• Fast response times
• Strategically placed towboats for faster service
• 24 hour service, 365 days a year
• We service all the Bahamas and Caribbean, with a 75 mile range for Boat U.S. members.


Emergency Salvage

We provide emergency services for boaters such as salvages for boats hard aground requiring more than one vessel or special equipment to re-float it. Emergency services are not covered under your routine BoatU.S. towing service agreement but they are typically billed to your insurance company under your hull insurance policy. More Info


Derelict Vessel and Wreck Removal

Our services also include removing vessels that are determined derelict by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission by utilizing our tug and ABS Certified Crane Barge. We provide these services to Biscayne National Park and the City of Miami. More Info


Oil Spill Response

TowBoatU.S. Miami is a state-certified first responder for oil spills. Our fully equipped response team has both hard and soft boom and absorbent materials available to respond 24 hours a day by land or sea to assist in containing a spill and helping to prevent damage to your boat and the environment.