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Derelict Vessel & Wreck Removal

Derelict Vessel & Wreck RemovalTowBoatU.S. Miami provides the region's most efficient and environmentally friendly method for removing derelict vessels. We have conducted hundreds of salvage operations over the years and have successfully completed vessel removal contracts for Biscayne National Park, Department of Environmental Resources Management (DERM), and the City of Miami Beach.

Environmental Protection

The first priority in every removal is protecting the environment. We avoid unnecessary negative impact by removing each vessel in as whole condition as possible, allowing us to minimize debris and contaminants in the water.

Off-Site Disposal

Once the vessels are removed from the water, either by lift bags or crane, they are transported to our boat yard for dismantling and demolition. By removing the vessels in whole condition and taking them to our facility to be crushed, we eliminate impact to the environment and water, and our personnel can work in the safety of our yard.

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